It all begins with the Right Location and Concludes with the Completion of a real Estate contract that Reduces Real Estate & Build-out Costs and Safeguards the Practitioner’s Capital Investment.

Our Process

The extra effort that went into the tireless lease negotiation on my behalf protected my interests. I appreciate his integrity. Job well done.

Collins Endodontics



Client Tour of Selected Properties

Opening a practice is a significant commitment on the part of the dental client, and can seem overwhelming and daunting during the property selection process. We partner with the client throughout the entire acquisition process to assure the progression of a successful transaction.

As a part of the exceptional service we provide throughout the acquisition process, we accompany the client to interior viewings of each of the selected properties.

We view each property through the eyes of the client. While property selection is entirely the client’s decision, we offer valuable advice, through our trained eyes, on property attributes, positive or negative, as we pay particular attention to visibility, access, curb appeal, signage, and interior layout. We gain more insight into the client’s selection criteria, as we listen carefully to their observations and address any concerns that might arise.

We accompany of our clients during the property tour to meet with the landlord’s broker at the site in order to probe for advantages that might benefit our client. In many instances, meeting with the other broker at the site enables us to probe for valuable information that can have a profound effect in the negotiation process.

Following the client tour, we develop a synopsis of all properties toured, and rate them as to their desirability. In most cases, the client will be interested in more than one property in which we will be advised to obtain lease proposals from the landlord/seller through their respective listing broker. Economics and terms & conditions will determine the client’s final property selection.

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