It all begins with the Right Location and Concludes with the Completion of a real Estate contract that Reduces Real Estate & Build-out Costs and Safeguards the Practitioner’s Capital Investment.

Our Process

Norman negotiated about 42 changes to my benefit.” “…the changes “leveled the playing field”…” ”At some point in the foreseeable future, I plan to open an additional dental office and will, no doubt, hire Norman to be my broker.



We skillfully guide our dental clients through all real estate phases of the office acquisition transaction with our successful 8-STEP PROCESS.
This process applies to tenants, as well as buyers. Throughout our 8-Step Process, we reference leasing & purchasing dental space interchangeably, as appropriate for each dental practitioner.

There are obvious similarities between commercial purchase & lease contracts.
Both require negotiation of the real estate cost. Both also address other contractual non-monetary terms.  In the case of a purchase, the buyer and seller agree on all aspects of the purchase contract, legal review is performed, and the purchaser & seller proceed to closing.  A purchase or lease of a dental office is a major commitment for the practitioner, as both usually involve financing for remodeling, equipment, start-up costs, etc.  However, upon closing and funding, there is no longer a contractual real estate relationship between the purchaser & the seller.  
Not so with commercial leases.

Commercial real estate leases establish a relationship between the tenant and the landlord for the entire length of the lease
.  Over and above the lease rate and build-out allowance, identifying contractual perils in dental leases and integrating safeguards throughout the lease contract are essential to proper and fair negotiation and play a large part in a successful tenant/landlord relationship. When a dispute occurs during a lease term, all parties look to the lease for direction as to resolution. Disputes are significantly minimized when potential perils, including “over-the-horizon” ones, are addressed in the original lease document, and agreed upon prior to execution of any lease.

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