It all begins with the Right Location and Concludes with the Completion of a real Estate contract that Reduces Real Estate & Build-out Costs and Safeguards the Practitioner’s Capital Investment.

Our Process

…he is an expert in the many complex details of lease contracts. He represented my rights as a tenant…


It was reassuring to know that you were handling the… details of…negotiating my lease, and I appreciate your advice as…to…best protect my assets.

Lifshen Family Clinic, PA





Final Agreement and Contract Completion

After we’ve completed our expert negotiation of the business points in order to protect our client’s interests, we recommend that the tenant/buyer obtain legal review prior to signing the appropriate documents.

We transmit the lease or purchase document with the appropriate business points previously negotiated and agreed upon by the landlord/seller to the client’s real estate attorney for an independent review in order to ensure proper legal content and verbiage. During the legal review process, any area in question is noted and is resolved between the client’s attorney and the landlord’s/seller’s attorney. Our client’s attorney will transmit the final lease or purchase document to us for contract completion.

We again proofread the final lease/purchase document we receive from our client’s attorney for any discrepancies prior to advising our client that the document is ready for signature.

Legal fees are reduced, in most cases, due to our negotiation of the business points of your lease prior to legal review. The legal review process is minimized, and valuable time is saved when planning for final lease/purchase approval and signatures. Our value-added negotiation is included in our client representation agreement. Our fee for client representation is typically paid by the Landlord’s/Seller’s broker; therefore, our services are normally at no cost to our leasing or purchasing clients.

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