It all begins with the Right Location and Concludes with the Completion of a real Estate contract that Reduces Real Estate & Build-out Costs and Safeguards the Practitioner’s Capital Investment.

Our Process

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Customized Client Benefit Summary
Is Presented To The Client

At the execution of the lease or purchase contract, Gelfand Group provides their clients with a Client Benefit Summary. This report allows the client to identify all of the key business points gained by our negotiation. The report notes all terms and conditions originally offered by the landlord/seller and states the results of our expert negotiation, in monetary and non-monetary landlord/seller concessions, for the client during the course of the transaction.

Our clients recognize that because of our expert negotiation on their behalf, their real estate costs were significantly reduced (whether leasing our purchasing), perilous contractual obligations were significantly minimized, and their capital investment has been safeguarded. Our negotiation not only protects them against contractual disputes during the term of their lease. Because of our thorough understanding of the nuances of leases, our negotiated lease contracts also contain protection against “over-the horizon” issues/disputes that, should they occur, could be financially ruinous to the practice. The client will be able to move confidently ahead in their business pursuit without having to worry about the real estate portion of their practice.