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Norman GelfandNorman Gelfand
is a contributing author to the Austin Business Journal. Since 2001, his articles have addressed the complexity and individuality of commercial real estate contracts. The articles provide a glimpse of his sound business judgment as they offer prudent advice for any business owner who is contemplating a commitment to a commercial transaction.  Although the subject matter differs in each article, one major focal point common to all article is that there is no such thing as a “standard commercial real estate contract” and everything is negotiable.
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  Medical and Dental Real Estate central Texas  

Established in 1988, Gelfand Group has built an exceptional reputation in central Texas as Tenant and Buyer Representatives for dental practitioners.  

We are keenly aware of the sizable financial commitment dental professionals face as they contemplate establishing a new practice or expanding a current practice.  
A large segment of this commitment involves the real estate portion of the practice.  

We are dedicated to helping you realize your real estate goals by skillfully guiding you through the entire office acquisition process, whether leasing or purchasing, from property selection to contract completion.  
Finding the right office location is the beginning of an arduous process that can be challenging and overwhelming without Gelfand Group on your team.  Our well-established network of brokers and excellent industry reputation as dental real estate representatives enable us to obtain “under the radar” market information about properties that are available for sale or lease, but may not be listed with a broker.  Our research is second-to-none. Our unmatched market insight and intelligence is a combination of industry-wide market data and our exclusive state of the art proprietary mapping software that is specifically designed to help the dental practitioner make an informed decision regarding office location by identifying existing practices for the purpose of determining competition, as well as identifying referral sources.

Because we are experts in dental real estate, we are able to identify obscure, but highly important, business terms and conditions within a lease that places the practitioner at a much higher risk due to the large capital investment in building and equipment costs.   
Many of these obscure elements are overlooked by professionals who do not specialize in dental real estate.  We have a clear understanding of these business points and their implications on the financial well-being of a practice.   

Our proven negotiation strategies target much more than the lease rate and the build-out allowance.  
We focus on protecting the financial interests of a practitioner as we negotiate business points throughout the dental lease that significantly reduce perilous contractual obligations for the purpose of safeguarding the practitioner’s capital investment. With a careful eye on the future, we negotiate protective agreements in dental leases relative to “over the horizon” issues that can have a positive and profound affect on your practice’s profitability.  Our negotiation is aggressive, although always fair & honest, “leaving nothing on the table”.     

Our leasing and purchasing services are normally available to you at no cost, as our fees are typically assumed by the landlord’s or owner’s broker.  

In most cases, we represent our clients in resolving disputes that may occur during the entire term of their lease at no cost.  
Our no-cost representation is limited to topics/points contained in the lease contract specifically negotiated by Gelfand Group.

Gelfand Group Standard of Excellence
We combine our excellent industry reputation, well-established broker network, our exceptional market insight, and our unsurpassed research ability to provide dental professionals unmatched market intelligence to locate the right space for their practice.

Our expertise in dental lease and purchase
contract analysis, coupled with our expert negotiation strategies, protect the financial interests of our dental clients relative to the real estate portion of their practice. We’ve completed over 400 leases and purchases, and have saved many of our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars during our 20+ years in the central Texas marketplace.  

We have a proven track record in meeting, or exceeding our dental client’s expectations.