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There is no doubt he saved me several headaches and thousands of dollars over what I could have arranged myself…


Steiner Ranch Dental


…testimony to Norman protecting my interests throughout the entire transaction is that he, leaving nothing to chance, attending the purchase closing. He identified and corrected a discrepancy…


He really opened my eyes to the big scheme of space needs and how proper lease negotiation saved me time, money, worry, and protected my interests by…


Animal Dental Clinic



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  • Unmatched Market Intelligence to Locate the Right Space
    for Your Dental Practice
  • Thorough Real Estate Contract Analysis Specific
    to Dental Practitioners
  • Expert Contract Negotiation

Gelfand Group Commercial Real Estate
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Norman Gelfand

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Unmatched Market Intelligence to Locate the Right Space for Your Dental Practice

Our research is second-to-none.  Our combination of industry-wide market data and our exclusive research software pinpoints exact locations of dental practitioners within any zip code or location of interests.  Additionally, our well-established broker network and our stellar industry reputation enable us to obtain “under the radar” information about suitable properties that are available for sale or lease but may not be listed with a broker.  
Potential referral sources can be easily identified and competition can be determined.  

Thorough Real Estate Contract Analysis & Identification of Key Areas Specific to Dental Practitioners

Obscure and complex issues are often overlooked by non-real estate professionals, as well as real estate professionals that do not specialize in dental real estate. We analyze, identify, and explain their effect on the financial well-being of a practice.

Expert Contract Negotiation

Fair, honest, and expert contract negotiation that targets 3 objectives:
  • Reduction of Real Estate Costs
  • Significant limitation of contractual perils that can adversely
    impact practice profitability
  • Safeguarding Capital Investment

There is no such thing as a “standard” commercial lease/purchasing contract. Everything is negotiable.